Quinn and Aaron had an amazing time at summer camp

Hi Coaches Katy, Joe and Joey and Master Roberto,

I have meant to email you for so long so I am glad your email prompted me. Quinn and Aaron had an amazing time at summer camp. Without a doubt their best summer camp experience and even though we had to get everyone up early the least amount of fussing to get out of the house. They were eager to go each morning the slow to leave every afternoon. They had their own favorite experiences including outdoor water play, field trips, “American Ninja Warrior” time and bey blades. One of my favorite sights was a rainy afternoon when you set up an obstacle course for paper airplanes. I remember thinking how creative and talented to be able to entertain a group of kids with one piece of paper. I think they both grew as people and learned a lot.

I’m sorry that Quinn moved away from class. With both summer camp then night class it got to be too much for his energy tank to supply. And now that we are back into the school year our schedule is crazy again. Thank you for the kind welcome to get him involved again, we always feel welcome. Please know that fading away had nothing to do with the attitude, skills and energy from your facility which are all top notch. I am sure we will see each other again, maybe summer camp next year too. Thank you again for all you have done for our kiddos and the parents too!

-Diane Carroll

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