Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing

Muay Thai is a striking art that originated in Thailand and includes strikes with the fists, legs, elbows and knees. In our Boxing classes we narrow the field and focus on striking with the fists and defense of punches.

We provide the opportunity to striking in a very safe environment.

During our Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing summer camp classes your child will learn proper stance, basic punches and basic kicks — as well as defense of those attacks.

We practice Muay Thai and Boxing with pads, bags, noodles and equipment that allows kids to practice striking and defense safely, while at the same time developing realistic self defense skills.

Later, kids who are involved in our advanced martial arts classes are able to step into the ring and spar with appropriate protective equipment. Here is a video of some kids who have trained with us for years boxing in the ring:

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