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Dear Parents,

This summer one of two things could happen:

We put our kids in a bad/cheap summer camp, waste their valuable time and surround them with the wrong crowds, where they will learn bad habits and bad manners.


We get them involved in a summer camp program that has broken the code when it comes to child development, a summer camp that is so fun, productive, educational that I GUARANTEE that at the end of the summer your child will not want to leave!

Let’s not forget that summer is 10 weeks, which equals 70 days or 560 hours. That’s 560 hours of productivity that your child could use to get ahead for next school year, in sports and overall development.

My name is Roberto Torralbas. I am the owner of Team Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Academy, the largest Martial Arts Academy in the Southwest , FL with a 10,000+ square foot facility and the largest number of children’s classes and students. I mention this not to brag, but to emphasize that your kids will be taught by and taken care of in an organization that has been in serving our community for more than 8 years.

In our system, kids learn incredible athleticism, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, and learn self-control, leadership, and character development. Our summer camp program is a BLAST with lots of educational lessons and lots and lots of fun field trips and activities. My biggest concern when summer time comes is making sure all the Southwest, FL parents have heard about the amazing summer camp program we have developed for children ages 4 to 12.

I personally welcome you to read this letter in its entirety to find out why our program will be the greatest investment you could make this summer, and also to get a really good understanding of what summer camp programs to avoid. I look forward to meeting you. Our number is 239-628-3529 please call us for a Free Tour.

THE FIRST 30 KIDS To Enroll will receive: A FREE UNIFORM, FREE Summer Camp T-shirt and FREE “MY 2013 Summer Camp Experience” Photo Album

Naples Best Summer Camp- Most Field Trips of Any Sumemr camp in Naples, FL

Most summer camps keep your kid locked in a room all day while they miss the beautiful Florida summer. Our summer camp does minimum an average of 3 summer camps per week!

How Is Your Summer Camp Different?

Let Me Tell You 7 Truths About Most Summer Camps

  • Truth #1: Most Summer Camps are BOOOORING…
  • Truth #2: Most Summer Camps are run very unprofessionally
  • Truth #3: Kids stay locked in a room all day…(few to no field trips)
  • Truth #4: Teachers do not like teaching kids and instead they lecture them
  • Truth #5: At the end of summer, most kids have made little to no improvements
  • Truth #6: Most Summer Camps don’t supervise properly, and kids are vulnerable
  • Truth #7: In Most Summer Camps, kids pick up bad manners, and bad habits

Wouldn’t You Agree Your Child Deserves
To Receive What You Pay For?

For Every Dollar You Invest In Our Program,
Your Child Will Receive 3 Dollars’ Worth Of Value!

A Good Summer Camp Will Create Positive Experiences And Memories That Will Last A Lifetime.

This summer with us your child will be part of a world class martial arts program, full of excitement, educational, and professionally run with the goal that your child will never experience a dull moment. Your child will have so much fun he will not want to miss a day. I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity of working with your child this summer.

Take action today and call us at 239.628.3529 for a Free Tour. Be one of our first 30 kids to enroll to receive: A FREE UNIFORM, FREE Summer Camp T-shirt and, FREE “MY 2013 Summer Camp Experience” Photo Album!

Roberto Torralbas

Watch All The Fun Your Children Will Have!