Performing Arts

A Summer Camp in Naples that does more than just baby-sit your kids.

No summer at Team Third Law Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing’s Summer Camp would be complete without some attention to the performing arts. By encouraging kids to explore their theatrical and musical sides, it oftentimes results in additional benefits for the child – social skills are improved and confidence is boosted when children are allowed to explore their leadership capabilities in an environment that is comfortable for them.

Most importantly, performances at our Naples summer camp tend be group efforts – meaning kids must work together as teams from the start to finish of their projects. What results is a lesson in teamwork and a finished performance the kids can be proud of.

There is no “I” in “Best Naples Summer Camp.”

Below are 10 benefits that your child can expect to achieve at our Naples summer camp with an active participation in the performance arts.

  1. An increased focus and academic performance.
  2. An ability to collaborate on projects and work together towards a common goal.
  3. A boost in confidence.
  4. An aptitude for self-expression.
  5. An ability to problem solve and reason creatively.
  6. A knowledge that talent and ability are a reflection of the hard work put in.
  7. A dedication and passion towards something positive.
  8. An ability to communicate effectively.
  9. A commitment to keep going despite any obstacles.
  10. An ability to take criticism and feedback constructively.
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