Team Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai Kickboxing’s Summer Camp is a program that focuses on peer socialization, interactive individual and team play, outdoor activities, academic advancement, field trips and fun in our beautiful Naples, Florida. We developed our program to provide the families of Naples, FL with a camp that would overcome the disappointment many hard-working parents had with other programs. Other programs hire teenagers who are there just for a paycheck and do not necessarily like kids. Other programs stick kids in a room watching movies all day or allow them to play with their IPads, wasting the opportunity to socialize with each other. Kids waste a full 10 weeks of summer and do not teach learn any new abilities in academics, athletics or art. Field trips are boring and unorganized, which leads to safety issues when there are too many kids and too few staff to oversee them. Plus, the camps that are considered upscale are usually an arm and a leg and run for a few weeks or for only half the day. Most parents see summer camp as a necessity, the cost of being a parent.

10949710_10152873671082643_8330442459390581687_oWe are different. Our parents see our Summer Camp as an investment in their children’s well rounded education.

Our staff consists of the Torralbas family: grandma, wife and husband and two professional coaches who have been with the team for 5 years. We have assistants who are martial arts students at our school who have been tested for friendliness, professionalism and ability to work with and like kids.

1655097_10152302257147643_7920728320719824059_oEvery year, our program sells out and that’s because we have a maximum number of kids to instructors that we allow. Our program is designed so that all the families in our school can afford it and it goes from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Plus, our activities are much more fun than those supposed “upscale” camps in town. All kids are given a free summer camp uniform which is mandatory to wear for safety when we go on our field trips.


Our camp takes it where no other camp dares. We do field trips to:

  • Busch Garden’s Adventure Island
  • Legoland
  • and a sleep over party at Disney World where we go to either Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon

 Other Field trips include:

  • Mini Golf
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Children’s Museum of Naples
  • Beach Surfing
  • Beach Snorkeling with Go Pro and Sea Scooter
  • Sand Castle Beach Building Competition
  • Beach Athletic Training
  • Sun and Fun Lagoon (Every Week)
  • Bowling
  • Naples Zoo
  • Naples Botanical Gardens
  • Fishing Trips
  • Nature Trails
  • Sailing with Pirates Attraction/Field trip
  • Build a Bear Factory
  • Fire Truck Hose Water Fun with Naples Fire Department
  • Imaginarium Fort Myers
  • Royal Scoop Make Your Own Ice Cream
  • Kayaking Field trips
  • Movie Theater

Martial Arts Training: 470238_10150913392547643_737875559_o

  •  Brazilian Jiu jitsu
  •  Boxing
  •  Judo
  •  Kickboxing
  •  Wrestling
  •  and learning essential Self Defense to gain confidence and avoid bullying

Athletics Training: 

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Kids are taught proper instruction and athletic movements.
  • We build on their basics and fundamentals, making sure they are actually learning how to play each sport properly.
  • Unlike other programs that just hand them a ball, we work on skill development first, doing specific exercises and playing games to develop needed skills and then playing the actual game.

Academic Training:

  • The program is run by two Ivy league graduates from Cornell University. Kids spend 45 minutes of their time everyday polishing their academics to get a head start on next year.
  • Kids will be given workbooks and assignments  to prepare them for the next school year.
  • Opportunity to learn Spanish with our Spanish Speaking Staff with the aid of books and workbooks
  • They will be tested for any deficiencies in any area and helped catch up.
  • They will do science experiments and projects.
  • and much much more

16674_10152300974592643_8130097236338782253_nInside our facility you will notice attractions of all types set up to keep kids active and engaged from second to second. We have:       

  • 2 Dunk Tanks that the kids use to compete against each other in teams
  • Human Gyroscope where the kids enjoy getting spun upside down and in all directions
  • 72-foot-long Inflatable Bounce House Obstacle Course
  • Inflatable a Slip and Slide,
  • Two-person Bungee Race Inflatable 
  • Water Wars: A Two-team Slingshot Inflatable for Water Balloon Battles 
  • Two Inflatable Gaga Ball Stadiums
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Sea Scooter

Plus, we play:

  • Tennis, Pool, Foosball, Bubble Hockey, Air Hockey, Fireball, Hoop It Up, and Boxer Arcades
  • Laser Tag
  • Nerf Gun Battles
  • Water Gun Fights
  • Laser, Bubbles, Foam and Fog Lights Show,
  • A variety of Board Games,
  • Huge collections of Legos, Beyblades, Kinex, Hot wheels, Rainbow Loom, Play Doh and Marble Run to install creativity in our kids
  • Dodge Ball and Kick Ball
  • Badminton
  • and any other interactive, social, fun gave you can think of!

Other  activities at our facilities include include: 

  • Magic shows
  • Origami and Paper Plane Competitions
  • Horizontal and Vertical Rope Climbing Competitions
  • Knot Tying Activities
  • Rocket Building and Launching
  • Chess classes
  • and much more.
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