Paper Planes Races – Crafts Projects with Naples Best Summer Camp

The Naples Best Summer Camp students used their technical skills on something different this summer, paper airplanes! It was a contest of who could build the quickest, fastest airplane. The campers were very competitive, giving their best to follow directions and getting as much tips from the coaches as possible. The campers got a lot of good ideas from a book they could turn to as well, for some advice.

Their was a lot of creativity from these campers at Naples Best Summer Camp as well. They chose their own personal color and special designs to put on their airplanes, making for some very interesting creations at Naples Best Summer Camp. It was a furry of flying paper planes at Naples Best Summer Camp while the kids watched in suspense if theirs would be the one that lands the farthest. The campers had a blast and it became a popular activity at Naples Best Summer Camp.

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