Yes Rush Me My TWO FREE Instructional DVDs

Thank you for your interest in our program. My name is Roberto Torralbas and I am the head instructor of Team Third Law and I am super excited about you filling out the previous form. I will be talking to you over a sequence of emails about the world you are about to discover. If your child have never trained in the martial arts, I can promise your experience at our school will be different from any athletic activity you have experienced. We are always looking for new students to introduced to our family.I will be sending you some emails with lost of information to get you well acquainted with styles of Martial Arts, What Differentiates Real Schools from the rest, and some of the things to be careful about. Just like in anything in life,in the martial arts, you have the people with legit credentials that know what they are doing and can get you to succeed, the people that lie about their credentials and can’t produce any results, and the people that flat out should not be teaching.Please fill the information above so that I can send you 2 Instructional DVDs that will be of a lot of value to your child’s education. I look forward to meeting you and training you.

Roberto Torralbas

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