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Stop: Before you do anything else for summer, make sure you check this out…

“Don’t Feel Guilty Ever Again

For Your Child Not Investing His Summertime

In A Fun, Exciting, and Educational Way!”


From: Roberto Torralbas Tuesday, 7:35pm

Naples, FL

Dear Parents,

This is awesome. you found our program and our webiste. My biggest concern when summertime comes is making sure all Naples and Fort Myers (We are in Naples, but yes it will be worth the drive) parents have heard about the amazing summer camp program we have developed for children of the ages 4-12.

The Naples Best Summercamp Program is sponsored by Team Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay thai Kickboxing Martial Arts school (the largest martial arts school for both adults and children in Naples, Florida with a 6000+ square foot facility. We mention this simple fact not to brag but to empahsize that your kids will be taught, taken care off by an organization that has been in Naples, FL for over 5 years providing families with a system that has given their child incredible athleticism, increase in self-esteem and sef confidence, leadership and character development. When it comes to kids we have striven to go above and beyond in our istructions to help each child achieve their full potential.

Our summercamp program is a a BLAST with lots of educational lessons and lots and lots of fun fieldtrips and activities taht teach lesson and build amazing motor skills, maturity, and thoughness video games at this new era of internet and technology are slowly taking awway from our yout.

I personally welcome you to read this letter in its entorety to find out why our program will be the greatest investment you will make any summer.





How is Your Summer camp Different? Great Question!

Let me tell you 5 sad truths about most summer camps and how we differ.

Sad Truth #1: Most Summer Camps Are BOOOORING…(yes even the ones that you pay an arm and a leg for)

Sad Truth #2: Most Summer Camps Are Run Very Unprofessionally

Sad Truth #3: Kids Stay Locked in a Room All Day…(little to no field trips)

Naples Best Summer Camp- Most Field Trips of Any Sumemr camp in Naples, FL
Most summer camps keep your kid locked in a room all day while they miss the beautiful Florida summer. Our summer camp does minimum an average of 3 summer camps per week!

Sad Truth #4: Teachers do not Like teaching kids and instead they lecture them

Sad Truth #5: At the end of Summer Camp most kids have gain little to no improvements … What was the point then?

Sad Truth #6: Most Summer Camps let the kids run like Wild Chicken’s, and do not Supervise correctly leaving them vulnerable to injury

Sad Truth #7: Parents often say that at their last Summer Camp their kids picked up bad manners and where around bad influences.

Sad Truth #8: Most Summer Camps Do not emphasize washing their hands and keeping their belongings organized!



Wouldn’t You Agree Your Child Deserves to Receive What You Payed For

For Every Dollar you invest in our program your child will receive 3 dollars worth of service. My Guarantee!

Every year I like to take a trip with my wife to Disney in Orlando , Fl. I truly love the cleanliness , how everyone in the rides and staff is doing their best to be in character with the theme of the ride or play. I go to Disney every year to remember and get a lesson on how a business should run and provide an experience for their customers

We truly still have many lessons to learn from Disney , but we aim towards providing an amazing experience for your child in every aspect and detail. Unfortunately I don’t feel now and days many business operate this way. For example:

  • Airlines ,
  • Most Chain Restaurants,
  • Banks,

They have gotten used to providing a bad service and still getting payed. This is abusive.

We understand this summer you have two options:

1-) Keep the kids at home

You may decide to keep our child at home because you didn’t find a good Summer Camp program that would met your requirements, and in this case you should. Don’t pay for a mediocre camp unless you truly didn’t have any way to invest in a better camp and you obviously have to work and can’t stay with them.

Pleas keep the:

  • TV
  • Wii
  • Nintendo DS
  • Facebook
  • Video Games
  • and all other sort of technological advances away from them this summer

When kids come to our summer camp first thing they learn is that no video games will be allowed. This ensure that they use their creativity and socialize to a maximum with their new friends.

Lets not forget that summer camp is 10 weeks = 70 days. 70 days times 8 hours of productivity = 560 hours of productivity that your child could use to get an advantage for next school year, in sports, and overall development.

I won’t lie to you. If you are a parent that has the resources to stay at home and spent time with your children and do activities with them all planned and spend some serious quality time. Nothing beats that. Unfortunately most parents have to work long hours and as we all know it life is complicated for families.

The one thing that they will enjoy in a quality summer camp program is the friendship and camaraderie developed with the kids of other dedicated families that have decided to make an investment this summer in their children’s future.

A goods summer camp will create positive experiences that will last a lifetime.

2-) Enroll them in a Summer Camp.

If you have decided to enroll them in a Summer Camp please consider this three factors:

1-) Amount of Field Trips

Let me begin by saying that no kids should spend their summer locked within walls It’s not healthy I don’t think is healthy that’s why we pride our selves in doing 3 field trips a week! Most summercamps programs don’t do many fingertips because a-) they require planning, b-) is stressful for most , c-)requires staff and resources, d-) requires effort and hard work. This goes back to the fact that they just want to provide a bad service and get payed for it. If a summer camp does not do at least 3 field trips a week I would look the other way.

2-) Educational Lessons Learned

Of the 560 hours your child will have this summer in his summer camp 1/5 or 112 hours of those should be use in learning skills that will help him in their lifetime. 112 hours of productivity in any field can take aany person to a new level. By the end of the summer your child should have an edge on his peers, if a summer camp can’t clearly explain how their program will help your child expand their knowledge in a way they will help them succeed in live with concrete logical fact instead of with the common googly gook most people say, I would look the other way.

3-) Fun

Its all about balance. A good summer camp should be fun the whole time. even when they are learning. If it is not your child will not enjoy the lessons and not pay attention and beg you too take him out until your ears tap out. Besides I remember my summers. They were fun a summer camp that is not fun its really sad. Summer should be a time of adventure an excitement . If the camp doesn’t sound fun I would look the other way. A good easy way to find out is how exciting the directors, or staff are when first meeting them and they describe the summer camp. If they hand you out brochure and you feel no excitement about having your child in their program, you guessed it, I would look the other way!

4-)Athletic Activities

In this technological, fast food,fructose corn syrup foods, age more important than ever that your kids are doing something active all year around.

5-) Creative Activities

Learning trades, problem solving , and letting the imagination go wild..Einstein quote on imagination….

A good summer camp should have all these components figured out and provide an amazing experience. Unfortunately your options are very limited. Why i say limited, instead of saying that we are the only ones, because I saw two summer camps that maybe beat ours at this point.

I have done my research and I have been on a mission two have the best Summer camp in the country. When researching quality sumemr camps I saw this two and I had to admit they seemed pretty cool from the website:

1-) Colleges and Universities Courses ( Stanford, Berkly, etc…)

3-) Caribbean adventure ( snorkeling, scuba, diving, Sailing)

This summertime are not for everyone but they seem pretty good. They are also the most expensive ones of all the oens I researched. If you can’t subscribe your child in one of this summer camp then give us a call right away. I dont onw a sailboat y 😉

more coming soon under construction

Don’t Let Your Child Be Bored All Day And Come Home In The Afternoon FULL OF ENERGY Asking You What’s the Plan For Tonight…



No One, Yes No One Does MORE DIFFERENT And COOLER Field trips Than Us…I GUARANTEE IT!

We don’t believe that summer should be spent indoors, at 3+ field trips a week your child will never experience a dull moment!





Do Not Join A Summer Camp Where People Treated As a JOB. We Love Kids!

It is not fair to the child fair and simple. School year is out and now is time to relax, have fun, learn crafts, discover new places, play games with friends, see the outdoors and so much more. Unfortunately for them most parents have to work.

It is not fair for them to have to spend their summer stuck within four walls with people that can’t wait until the parents have to pick them up. A lot of business treat their summer camp as an easy way to make money due to the necessity of their parents to have someone look over them and put very little effort and deliver very little quality because they feel they have the parents stuck between a rock and a hard place. Why? Because most summer camps operate this way, but not OURS!


As This Summer There Will Be One Day You Will Want To Spend It With Your Child And She Will Say…But MOM I Want To Go To Camp…They Will Be Doing This, And This, And This, And This, And This….

I have seen it time after time…and I will not lie..this is my ultimate goal…for your child to have so much fun he will not want to miss a day.

We Have Created an Amazing Infrastructure For Our Summer Camp Program

It Will Be Hard To Give Them The Same Learning and Entertaining Experience At Home…


From Legos to Origami…We Have A World Of Educational Planned Activities To The T…..

If you are going to do something, do it right…that’s our motto…and we believe to be the best educators in Naples, FL





No One, Yes No One Does MORE DIFFERENT And COOLER Field trips Than Us…I GUARANTEE IT!

We don’t believe that summer should be spent indoors, at 3+ field trips a week your child will never experience a dull moment!


Cheap Summer Camps = Fighting Every Day, Bad Influences, and Bullying

A whole year of reinforced good behavior work can be lost in one bad summer camp


We are the average of the people we surround ourselves with


Unfortunately most of this summer camps are business abusing on the fact that parents need them instead of looking for a great opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life


Not Convinced yet? Look at what some of our happy parents are saying…



Let me begin by sayng that no kids should spend their summer locked within walls It’s not healthy I don’t think is healthy that’s why we pride our selves in doing 3 field trips a week! Most summercamps programs dont do many fieldrtips becasuy

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